At Angelo Catholic School, the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) are the minimum of what is taught. Therefore, students will study language arts, math, science, and social studies as well as music, P.E., and religion. Though listed last, religion comes first at ACS. Each morning begins with prayers and pledges to the United States and Texas flags. Students also have other opportunities to pray throughout the day. Students at ACS learn service as they follow in the footsteps of Christ; each class has a service project that enables the student to learn to see Jesus in others.

At ACS, teachers use differentiated instruction to ensure all students learn at their own rate. Research shows that students learn best with hands-on manipulatives; therefore, teachers at ACS use stations to reinforce instruction. Students practice new concepts as they work in small groups at math, science, geography, etc., stations in the classroom. ACS teachers encourage their students to learn as teachers model life-long learning. ACS teachers participate in Professional Learning Communities each week, where they share best practices and work together to ensure all students learn.

Angelo Catholic School uses the Accelerated Reader program to enhance student reading. Students consult with the teacher to set attainable monthly reading goals.

Students are given opportunities to compete and attain their own academic goals. ACS students have participated in the Catholic Math League, Spelling Bee, ACS Science Fair, Starbase STEM, Multi-cultural Fair, and our students have placed in the Community-wide Fire Prevention Poster Contest and the Symphony's Art to Music program.